A fast network connection is key to a successful hybrid work setup – Cisco study – Back End News

Cisco’s latest Broadband Index reveals that Filipino workers value internet access more than ever, as hybrid working continues to be the norm in 2022.

Workers believe that universal access to fast and reliable internet is essential for economic and societal growth, according to a global survey of nearly 60,000 people polled in 30 markets, including the Philippines, on their access, quality and their home broadband use.

The report found that the success of hybrid working depends on the quality and availability of the internet, with 91% of workers saying broadband services need to improve significantly to support this new way of working. Workers demand not only speed, but also a high level of reliability and quality. A similar proportion (91%) say the reliability and quality of broadband connections are important to them. The dependence on good internet access is underscored by the fact that more than 8 in 10 (86%) Filipino workers actively use their broadband at home for four hours or more every day. Meanwhile, three or more people use the Internet at the same time in 83% of Filipino households.

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“As hybrid working continues to be the mainstay of the Filipino workforce, access to high-performing, secure and reliable internet is essential for employees to work efficiently and productively when they are not at work. office,” said Zaza Nicart, general manager, Cisco Philippines.

Many remote workers need more than a basic level of connectivity to support themselves. To meet the demands of their broadband connection, more than half (52%) of Filipino workers surveyed plan to upgrade their internet service within the next 12 months.


With 48% of the Filipino workforce now relying on their home internet to work from home or run their own business, access to secure and reliable internet is more important than ever to keep jobs running smoothly. operations. This is particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which do not have the same IT resources and infrastructure as large enterprises.

At the same time, a new digital business environment has emerged where ambitious entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs can thrive, fostering innovation across all sectors.