CSPs call for stronger 5G security network amid rising cyber breaches

As cyber breaches increase, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) around the world have called for enhanced 5G security network capabilities to combat the nemesis. An investigative report from communications service providers and GlobalData shows that between one and six security breaches of their networks have occurred in the last 12 months.

FSC suffers six security breaches in three quarters

Over the past three quarters, communications service providers reported that their networks had had up to six security breaches in the past year, leading to lawsuits, fraud and financial theft, as well as the interruption of network services.

Additionally, CSPs reported that their security staff spent too much time performing manual security tasks that could be automated. They also expressed little confidence in the software security tools they currently use, saying they are too fragmented and slow to effectively stop threats as they develop.

Enhanced 5G security Network to fight against cyberattacks: CSP

In research conducted by GlobalData analysts for Nokia, it was found that 68% of CSPs needed to strengthen their defenses against ransomware threats, while 56% of CSPs said they needed to significantly improve their cyber capabilities against specific attacks. to telecommunications.

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According to the CSPs interviewed, as industrial organizations gradually connect more of their critical assets to their networks and as 5G standalone (SA) deployments disaggregate and open up their networks, security vulnerabilities may develop.

At the same time, to benefit from the knowledge and resources that managed security services can offer, nearly half of CSPs surveyed said they aim to increase their security requirements by using these services.

How well the 5G security network will combat cyberattacks: CSPs explain

Speaking on the Mount of Cyber ​​Breaches, Andy Hickssenior analyst at GlobalData, pointed out that if CSP services proliferate, vulnerabilities will follow unless they can automate more security procedures.

“Our investigation shows that CSP security personnel are doing everything they can with the people and tools they have. But as CSP services grow, vulnerabilities will also grow unless they can further automate their security processes.” – Andy Hicks

On the other hand, Vishal Sahayhead of managed security services, cloud and cognitive services at Nokia, said the 5G ecosystem is undergoing significant changes that extend the telecommunications threat.

“The substantial changes occurring in the 5G ecosystem bring both new dimensions to the telecom threat landscape and opportunities for malicious actors to take advantage of network security vulnerabilities. And the findings we announced today reinforce the critical need for CSPs and enterprises to scale up their cyber protection practices and rethink the tools and processes they use to transform and strengthen their security capabilities.Vishal Sahay