How to Fix ‘Network Connection Error’ in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is an online battle royale game playable on Android and iOS devices. Some gamers even prefer to play it on PC through emulators as it gives them more customizable hotkeys and other options to enhance the gaming experience.

Free Fire has several unique characters with abilities that increase your gameplay in the game. You can improvise based on a character’s skills and gain the upper hand in firefights.

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However, sometimes an error may occur when you start the game on your mobile device, displaying the following message: ‘Network connection error‘. Such errors could be a real disappointment, and so, we are looking at some solutions to fix this problem.

Steps to Fix ‘Network Connection Error’ in Garena Free Fire

There are many reasons why such errors occur in the game. Thus, we suggest you look at all the methods below and make sure to perform each of them to fix the error.

#1 Make sure your internet connection is stable: It is obvious. If you have frequent network dropouts on your internet, you are likely to experience this issue in Free Fire. Always try to play the game with a high-speed internet connection to avoid the in-game error message.

#2 App permissions: Some specific app permissions need to be enabled to play Free Fire seamlessly on your device. So, if you are an Android user, go to Settings -> App Permissions -> Other Permissions and enable WiFi connectivity to allow internet on the device to further resolve the error.

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#3 Reset network connection: Players can also reset their network settings and restart the mobile device. Now the error should have disappeared and you can enjoy Garena Free Fire without any problem.

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