How to Fix “No Network Connection” Error in Dead by Daylight

A busy game like Dead by Daylight often sees players encountering server and connection errors.

One such error reads “NO NETWORK CONNECTION” bright and large in the center of the screen. It states that players must have a network connection to access Dead by Daylight content.

This isn’t a new problem, but it seems to be popping up again, as new content has been added to the survival horror multiplayer game. There are a few solutions to try and get rid of that pesky login error screen.

Fixes for “No network connection” error in Dead by Daylight

Image via interactive behavior
Image via interactive behavior

The first thing to do is to check and see if Dead by Daylight is doing server maintenance. This is perhaps the most common reason for the appearance of this error. If the servers are down, just wait until they are up.

PC gamers can try disabling their firewall or antivirus. A workaround is in progress that ensures that the firewall or antivirus is allowing Dead by Daylight to work and not blocking it.

Steam users have reported that simply quitting the game, completely closing Steam, and reopening it fixed the issue. However, the solution is not so simple for some Dead by Daylight players.

Another user reported that right-clicking the game file, going to Properties, selecting Browse Local Files, and selecting Verify Game Integrity prevented the “No Network Connection” error from appearing.

Always make sure to check the network connection as well. If there are any problems with the internet, it is quite possible that Dead by Daylight is affected by these problems.

These are the most common reasons and their solutions for the “No Network Connection” error appearing when players load into Dead by Daylight. Try them and get back to playing.

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