PlayStation Network Server Status – Is PSN Down?

Having trouble connecting to PSN? Here’s what you need to do to check if the PlayStation Network server is down.

We have all been there. You’ve finished your day’s work and settled on your couch to play some great video games on your PlayStation. Unfortunately, you can’t load the PSN and the servers all around seem to be having issues. Is the PSN down? How to check PlayStation Network server status? We have the answers here.

PlayStation Network Server Status – Is PSN Down?

It can be frustrating trying to log in and play your favorite game only to find that the servers are having issues. Before you reset your router and troubleshoot your own internet connection, let’s show how to check the status of the PSN server.

You can check the status of the PlayStation Network server at any time by visiting the official status page on the PlayStation website. Here you can see a breakdown of all the current services and whether or not they are having any issues. If any services are currently down, they will be highlighted with an orange or even red circle, depending on the severity of the issues. For more details about the outage, you can click on the Details drop-down menu.

PlayStation Network Server Status - Is PSN Down?
You can see all current server issues that PSN is experiencing on the status page.

Checking the PSN server status is quite simple and will save you from long waits with your ISP. Since the website breaks things down so well, you can see how many services are down at the time, or if one of the ones you’re trying to access is the problem. Keep in mind, however, that it can sometimes take a few moments for the page to update after starting or fixing issues.

Now that you know how to check PlayStation Network server status to see if PSN is down, you can rest easy knowing that this information is always at your fingertips. For more help with PSN or your PlayStation, keep an eye on our PlayStation section.

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