Update: Faulty Nintendo Switch firmware can cause network connection issues

Update 06/09/2021: Nintendo offered a rationale for pulling its 12.0.3 Switch update offline, saying that network connections from updated consoles “may not be possible” and that it could cause issues for newly added microSDXC cards.

In an update on his Japanese customer service Twitter account, Nintendo has confirmed that it is temporarily suspending distribution of the update and working on a new version. Although not fully explained, the issues that the faulty update can apparently cause involve network connection issues and the inability to use new microSDXC cards as no updates can be downloaded to take them. in charge.

Change data miner OatsDome previously claimed that the update does not corrupt SD cards, after rumors spread to this effect, and Nintendo’s update seems to confirm this. With a later update, it is more than likely that the new microSDXC cards can be used normally.

Nintendo has given no timeline for a new release of the update, but says it will provide a follow-up in due course. For those who have downloaded 12.0.3 and are suffering from issues, it seems there is currently no remedy, other than to wait for a fix.

Nintendo released a new update for the Switch and removed it shortly after without any explanation as to why.

This news comes through VideoGamesChronicle, which originally reported on the new 12.0.3 Switch update and all that it entails.

According to VGC, who procured OatsDome On Twitter, the 12.0.3 update “fixes error code 2123-1502 when accessing the eShop,” which is an error users commonly encounter lately.

Specifically, the update brought changes to the operating system’s core and key services, SSL, which helps create secure connections to servers, and the Switch’s banned words list, as noted Oatmeal Dome. Overall, this was a relatively minor update.

However, VGC reports that the update was pulled today and at the time of this writing, Nintendo has yet to provide an explanation as to why. OatmealDome said on Twitter earlier today that “this is the first time something like this has happened on the Switch”.

The update is still on hold so anyone who hasn’t updated to 12.0.3 yet won’t be able to, which is probably a good thing as it looks like Nintendo doesn’t want users to have this update updated implemented on their Switch.

A Twitter user, Mind Shard1, replied to OatmealDome and said that the 12.0.3 update is actually causing error 2123-1502 to appear, which is the error the update allegedly sought to fix. MentalSplinter1 said he couldn’t even update Fortnite to 12.0.3 on his Switch.

According to VGC, the last major update for the Switch was update 11.0.0, which was released last November. This update has made it easier to transfer screenshots from console to computer and you can read more about everything this update has done here.

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