ViewQwest Sees Growing Demand for Network and Security Solution

COMPANIES in the Philippines are increasingly opting for bespoke enterprise network and security solutions, alongside their counterparts in Southeast Asia. This was revealed at a featured press conference by ViewQwest, a leading and award-winning regional telecommunications and managed security services (MSSP) provider with key media publications. Representing Viewquest at the press conference, its managing director Vignesa Moorthy and its marketing director Jurist Francisco-Gamban

“In the Philippines, businesses are widely adopting cloud applications and the hybrid workforce as businesses continue their digital transformation. Large enterprises with archipelago-wide branch networks and a distributed workforce need high-performance, high-availability, and high-security access to their network and corporate resources , while streamlining operations, reducing costs and enabling business agility. This has amplified the weaknesses of traditional networking and security models and created the growing need for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services and Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN),” commented Vignesa Moorthy.

ViewQwest’s Managed SASE and SD-WAN converges networking and security services into a single unified solution, replacing traditional data center-centric security with a cloud-based architecture and places network and security controls security at the edge, instead of the corporate data center. Designed to fully support and deliver the best performance for applications hosted in data centers and the cloud, including software as a service (SaaS), the solutions combine to enable enterprises to implement access secure from anywhere, allowing businesses to benefit from enhanced network protection and performance. , while reducing costs and complexity.

ViewQwest has deployed its managed SASE and SD-WAN offerings throughout Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, with services designed and implemented to meet the unique needs of large, highly distributed national and regional enterprises in the region. . The offerings take into account the region’s unique challenges, including diverse connectivity and inconsistent network quality, rising bandwidth costs, data residency and data sovereignty requirements, and a rapidly evolving cyber threats.

With an in-depth understanding of the Philippine market and the general Southeast Asian market, leveraging ViewQwest’s experience in large-scale enterprise projects, the company cost-effectively provides a network simplified, high-availability that delivers superior network and application performance, as well as state-of-the-art secure access to any remote user, branch office, or device.

“We help our customers transform their network and security architecture with confidence. Leveraging our telecommunications DNA, we’ve built the most cost-effective, high-performance, and reliable networking solutions, integrated with our best-in-class SASE capabilities from global cybersecurity leaders like Palo Alto Networks. This allows us to create differentiated services that meet the unique security requirements of our markets and customers – a distinct advantage ViewQwest offers businesses in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia,” concluded Moorthy.

ViewQwest has been named by Palo Alto Networks as a Next Wave MSSP Innovator. It offers a full range of global, SASE, SD-WAN and managed connectivity services required for enterprise network and security transformation. Since entering the Philippine market in 2019, the SASE provider has expanded its customer base and now caters to the needs of top Filipino companies across various industries.