Windows 10 network connection not working

Hello, I bought a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit (Version: 20H2). The first week went well, but after doing a Windows 10 update, I started facing a lot of issues. The most annoying thing is that my Wifi adapter is not working properly.

Here is my problem:

I start the laptop, my Wifi connects normally without any problem. After about 25 minutes of not using my laptop, the Wifi adapter icon changes to and the available networks disappear, all I can see is the airplane mode option.

This not only happens in this case, but also when I manually disconnect from the internet and then reconnect, the same problem occurs. Here, watch this video

Is there a way to solve this problem? It’s annoying and slows down my work, like I have to restart my laptop every time it happens.

[Note: I tried every solution possible on YouTube, and Google, but none of them worked]

[Note 2: I also have sleep problem, where my laptop shuts down instead of going into sleep mode, and it won’t even go into sleep mode when I press the power button]

Additional information:

1- I’m sitting right next to the router

2- My other laptop displays the available networks perfectly unlike the current one

3- WLAN AutoConfig service is running and set to Autostart

4- When I go to “Network and Internet Settings > Advanced Network Settings > Change adapter options”, I see my wireless adapter disabled and greyed out, when I right click on it and click “Enable” , it shows me a dialog saying “Activation” after a few seconds, it changes to “Activated” but nothing happens, the wireless adapter is still greyed out and disabled

5- When I go to “Device Manager > Network Drivers” and right click on my wifi adapter, I can’t do anything about it. I can’t install a new driver, update the current driver, or uninstall the current driver (can’t even roll back). Once I click on one of them it will keep loading forever (I left it loading for a whole day and it’s still not over)

6- When I try to update my wifi adapter, I right click on my wifi adapter, I go to “Properties > Driver > Update driver > Browse my computer for drivers > Let me choose from a list of drivers available on my computer” I cannot see my newly downloaded driver (here is the driver I am trying to install: driver-for-windows-10-64-bit-lenovo-iot520)

7- I go to “Network and Internet settings > Advanced network settings > Reset network” but nothing changes. I also do this in CMD to be sure, but again nothing happens

8- I right click on the Wifi icon, I click on “Troubleshoot > Wi-Fi > Next”, but the loading continues indefinitely. It says “Troubleshooting – Starting Network Diagnostics”. I waited about 12 hours for the upload to complete, but it didn’t, so I clicked “Cancel”.

9- I go to “Control panel > Power options > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings > Wireless adapter settings > On battery: Maximum performance | Plugged in: Maximum performance” still nothing don’t change.

10- I tried everything in this video: but nothing worked

11- It can’t be a virus, because I have the paid version of Kaspersky Security (licensed) with the free version of Avast. So I have strong protection

12- I did the CMD test by writing “ping” the replica I had a stable ping, it means that my hardware is in good condition

Specifications of my laptop:

Edition – Windows 10 Pro


OS Version – 19042.1288

System – 64 bit

I appreciate you taking your time to read my post, any help or answers will help. Thanks in advance.