ZTE 5G Custom Private Network Security Solution Boosts Network Security Capabilities for Industry Verticals

PRESS RELEASE: 5G offers high bandwidth, extended connections and low latency, as well as flexible customization capabilities. Nowadays, the construction of 5G private networks is growing rapidly across the world. ZTE, as one of the world’s leading 5G equipment suppliers, is committed to building a secure 5G private network for carriers. Under its “5G Secure Private Network” concept, ZTE enhances the security capabilities of 5G private networks from five dimensions to meet the diversified security requirements of different scenarios of industry verticals.

In terms of endpoint security, ZTE improves endpoint security through endpoint security software and MAC/IP address binding of service terminals; and it promotes terminal access security through terminal card binding, terminal physical cell binding and secondary authentication. In addition, ZTE strengthens the security of endpoint management, through security management and abnormal behavior detection of endpoint assets as well as correlation analysis of security events and assets.

In terms of MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) security, ZTE ensures cloud-native MEC security through software customization. ZTE, by virtue of customizing security components such as vFW, vVPN and vWAF, can achieve security isolation between MEC and external networks, and between applications within MEC, to protect networks, applications and MEC data.

In terms of differentiated network isolation, ZTE provides corresponding software and hardware isolation technologies in wireless, transport, MEC and 5GC networks, and orchestrates resources on demand to achieve differentiated isolation of 5G slices. . Network isolation between subnets can be achieved through VLAN/VxLAN, firewalls, and IPSEC encryption tunnels.

In terms of data security, ZTE provides several protective measures such as security zone division/isolation, defense in depth, granular access control rules, encrypted storage and transmission of sensitive data, and a session-based encryption mechanism. These measures ensure that 5G private network data is kept on campus, ensure corporate data security, and protect corporate trade and technical secrets.

In terms of real-time service guarantee, ZTE provides UPF + FlexE absorption technology to ensure the low latency and reliability of the 5G network, and the technology meets the network security requirements of real-time services such as power differential protection.

ZTE has worked with China Telecom to help build the 5G virtual private network for ZTE’s Nanjing Binjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Base through its integrated 5G private network security solution. The solution provides comprehensive security cloud network guarantee for more than 70 grassroots innovative 5G+ industrial Internet applications in 24 categories, and breaks the benchmark of “5G Intelligent Manufacturing Powered by 5G” in the industry.

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